Nuclear Technology Consultancy

AJW 2Welcome to this (long overdue!) site update. First and foremost, the consultancy has RELOCATED since January 2020 and can now be found at:


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TW has been active in the UK nuclear industry since 1968, joining CEGB at the Berkeley Nuclear Laboratories (BNL) to study the interactions between the graphite moderator and the coolant gas in Magnox and AGR reactors. He stayed at BNL until 1995, then establishing the NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANCY. This has been continuously engaged since then and principal clients include:

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); EdF, UKAEA, AEA Technology, USDoE and US National Laboratories, FZJ (Germany), EPRI (USA), Energy Solutions (USA), the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation, DTI and DECC, the former PBMR Co. Pty, South Africa, SoGIN (Italy), NUPEC and JAPC, Japan, BGZ (Germany), Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Radioactive Waste Management Limited, and TÜV-UK.

Principal interests are associated with the design, operation and decommissioning of commercial and experimental graphite-moderated reactors and, in the latter context, TW has been the Project Coordinator for the recent IAEA Project ‘GRAPA’  (‘Irradiated Graphite Processing Approaches’) following extensive previous work in that area for IAEA. Further work for IAEA in this area will follow once the current COVID-19 issues allow their programmes to re-start. Current work includes the evaluation of classic and innovative methodologies for the prediction of radiation-induced weight loss in the graphite moderators of UK AGRs to support life-extension safety cases and the preparation of teaching materials for FH Aachen (University  of Applied Sciences).

TW is an Honorary Professor in the School of  Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at The University of Manchester (Nuclear Graphite Research Group) and was joint winner of The Royal Society / Esso Energy Award in 1997. He holds a first-class degree in Chemistry from Imperial College and a Ph.D. in Radiation Chemistry from The Council for National Academic Awards.